Scorpion Egg

Bespoke handcrafted Golden Clock

18K yellow gold Encrusted with 35 carat white Diamonds.  


Luxury Incense Burner

Handcrafted and finalised with perfection

18K Gold Incense Burner. Two coloured Gold plated Leopard encrusted with 1,200 Black Diamonds along side with Petrified wood and Oxidated Brass 


Luxury Pen Holder & Clock

Gold combined with Silver

18K Gold and silver Dolphin with fine Gemstones on top of Lapis stone. This luxurious piece of art is one of its kind


The Shark

Stunning piece of art 

This stunning piece of art made with silver coloured with enamel on top of black fine wood


Luxury Stick

Millionaires stick 

This Stunning handcrafted stick is made of 18K Gold, Silver and fine wood

Black Hawk

The ultimate millionaires toy

This Ultimate piece of art is one of its kind, incrusted with 25,000 black and white diamonds which are set on Silver and finalised with black Rhodium flashing is a gift of a lifetime.


Harley Davidson Engine

For the riders

This all Brass Harley Davidson engine watch is exactly the same engine you can find in motorcycles, it is completed with perfection   


Golden Book Cover

Golden cover for Infinite protection

This Marvellous Book Cover was made for a recently discovered 150 years old Book. 2.5 KG of 18K yellow gold encrusted with white Diamonds and Rubi 


Special Forces

Amazing pieces of Arts 

These amazing handcrafted pieces are made with Gold, Brass and Enamel