About Us

RICCHA is a world leader in manufacturing Fine Jewellery and Luxury objects of art, buying and selling Antique/modern Jewellery. All are handled with care from the start and throughout the processing period and finalised with perfection. We have been creating, Buying and selling Antique, modern Fine Jewellery since 2009

RICCHA began in 2009 in Lebanon as Luxury Jewellery and objects of Art manufacturer. After trading successfully for 8 years during which we have created Items for high profile people in the middle east including Kings, princes and famous people, in 2017 new office was opened in London, where we are operating since.

At RICCHA we only have one vision which is Perfection and the highest standards for each and every items we make. we are keen to create a marvellous art where you do not find anywhere else.  we believe that whatever we create we do it to that one special person.